Wyze Mindz – Tha Chroniclez Vol. 1 [Mixtape]

When it comes to underground rap, Wyze Mindz have been at it for some time already. The South Carolina group, formed by Unkn?wn & Apacalypze bring this new free mixtape Tha Chroniclez Vol. 1. This mixtape features unreleased tracks that were not included in three of their albums, Universal Invasion (2007), World Meltdown (2010), and Return of tha Chozen (2013), all available on iTunes for purchase. As always, the group of tracks such as “A Dream”, “Crazy Town”, and “Poisoned Souls” bring a combination of knowledge and struggle with rugged underground beats. It also includes artists and DJS such as Eternel, Swann, 5th Element, DJ Fellbaum, and TMB. The production credits go to Eternel, Al’Tarba, Keko, Junior Makno, and Carb One. Nianima features in the background vocals for Judgement Day and Turn Your Head Away. Download Tha Chroniclez Vol. 1 on Mediafire.

Wyze Mindz - Tha Chroniclez Vol 1. (Cover)

Wyze Mindz - Tha Chroniclez Vol 1. (Back Cover)


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