Toro Y Moi Live at SAT Tomorrow [Event]

Fresh off his last release, Anything In Return, Chaz Bundick, also known as Toro Y Moi, will be in Montreal as part of his 34 stop tour of North American and European cities. Chicago-based indie rock band The Sea and Cake will be opening for the California Native eclectic musician.

While his early work was often associated to “chillwave” and “dillwave”, Toro Y Moi’s progression has been quite impressive. His music has kept evolving, his second album, the acclaimed Underneath The Pine, saw him work around more funk-influenced patterns, with some touches of disco.

His latest album, the beat-heavy “Anything in Return”, is certainly his most ambitious project yet. Mixing grimey pop and hip-hop beats, Bundick manages to construct a well designed album.

And though it might be tempting to label Toro Y Moi’s music as nothing more than electronic synthy pop, you may want to dig deeper. A quick listen to his earlier work “Causers of This” as well as his latest album “Anything in Return”

Tyler Toro

is all you need in order to feel the strong sampling influence of J Dilla on Bundick’s work.

The gap between hip-hop and electronic music was never really that big. And if this wasn’t obvious, the past few years have certainly highlighted that fact. This past summer, Toro Y Moi collaborated with Tyler The Creator for what seems to be the first of a few collaborations to come between Bundick and any MC audacious enough to attack his soulful groovey productions.

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