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Three Halloween Events You Can’t Miss This Week-End

This Halloween, there are tons of party options but we narrowed it down to three so you could have a clear choice. It’s about to get real spooky.

1. LE CYPHER – HALLOWEEN EDITION – Hip-hop + Soul Jam – hosted by Urban Science – LIVE MUSIC + FOOD + DJs

Walk up the creepy staircase in Club Lambi and join Le Cypher, one of the city’s new weekly nights happening every Thursday. There’s gonna be delicious Jamaican cuisine provided by Boom J’s Restaurant. Cover: $4.Le Cypher

2. Night of the Groovin’ Dead W/ CLAY & FRIENDS

Get your groove on with funky band Clay & Friends, who have concocted a sweet playlist that will cause a bump in zombie birth rates in 9 months. The night is at Le Gymnase, which means you are entitled to $2 drinks. Things may get a little scary.

night of the groovin dead clay and friends


This is one of the biggest electro-hiphop parties happening over the Halloween week-end. With names like Shlohmo, Loud Lary Ajust, Grandbuda, Rustie and High Klassified on the bill, to name a few, you know it’s going to rock the galaxy! There will be many unidentified fly subjects as the Metropolis attempts to make contact with the Unknown. You will reach the outer limits – please stand by.

First Kontakt


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