The Hiram Key Project Part 2

With the end of the year coming (maybe the end of the world, we’re not quite sure as of yet) comes on the 21st of December part two of the Hiram Key Project. This is a showcase of new talent from the local Montreal scene as well functions as the brainchild of Sovereign Prerogative LiveCreations, a local promotions and artists collective which support a rebirth in the meaning of Hip Hop. UrbN LogiX will be showcasing new music and songs from his unreleased album “M.T.L. B.C.E”. With performances from California Ghost King, an artist originally from California, I.Blast, Black Gloves, and beat builders from Artbeat MTL Mark the Magnanimous and SevDee, the Hiram Key Project seems to cater to all kinds in the Hip Hop scene. It also marks some additional performances from the acts of the show on the Facebook event if you are a fan of their music and want to extend your support even more.

Show tickets are 10$ and 2$ for coat check, and will take place at Club Lambi 4465 Boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal. So be ready to check out a show full of diversity and raw talent, and support good local Hip-Hop. Click on the image for the event page.


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