The Freshest Kids (2002) [DOCUMENTALITY]

Today, for the month of March, we present you the 3rd chapter of Documentality which will focus on one of the best documentaries ever made on b-boying, commonly known as breakdancing, about its birth and  role in the hip-hop movement.

The Freshest Kids is a documentary produced by Eric Jones and Quincy Jones III that was released in 2002. This film shows the foundation, the evolution and international growth, and many other aspects of the dancing element of Hiphop, and its importance within Hip Hop, through interviews, footage from back in the days, live shows, and more.

As a positive expression blooming from the raw realities of New York ghettos in the early 70’s, b-boying is the first breath of fresh air in the expansion of hip hop culture.

They were dressed to impress, gathered in crews, they lived and danced with attitude. B-boys were the freshest kids in the ghetto, but then Rap music took over in terms of international popularity and today too many people can’t make the difference between rap and Hip Hop.

The Freshest Kids is an essential film to understand b-boying, and to realize the elementality (The condition of being composed of elements, or a thing so composed) of this culture.



Members of the legendary Rock Steady Crew explain the birth of breakdance and how it got them to travel to Europe, Asia, and different countries around the world.




The cast includes many personalities of the culture and of the bboy world : Afrika Bambaataa, Krs 1, Kool Herc, Crazy Legs, Spy, Mr.Freeze, Frosty Freeze,  Lennie Len, Mos Def, Kid Nice, Melle Mel, Fab 5 Freddy, Michael Holman, Jo Jo, Fat Joe, Rakim and more!





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