Montreal B-Boy Lazylegz Shares Inspiring Story on The Ellen Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently aired the inspiring story of Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli (IllMask & Ill-Abilities), one of Montréal’s most recognizable b-boys.  Though he can not use his legs, he has turned this weakness into his greatest strength, integrating his crutches into his moves and developing a unique style. His motto “No Excuses, No Limits” drives his dance and his work within the community, encouraging differently-abled youth to pursue their dreams.

Lazylegz was born with arthrogryposis, a condition which affected his bones and joints, and has caused him to undergo 16 surgeries since he was seven months old. He has always been into sports and even delved into skateboarding before he found his true passion: break dancing.

After the touching interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the talented breaker delivers a performance for the live audience, who responded with cheers and a standing ovation. Ellen’s even got a surprise for him !

The Ellen DeGeneres Show interview already has over 100 00 views in just a few hours, and that’s just on Youtube.

3 Responses to “Montreal B-Boy Lazylegz Shares Inspiring Story on The Ellen Show”
  1. Nathalie Matthews says:

    WOW!!!!….For all our Canadian friends out in L.A…Check out this video of Luca ” Lazyleg” from my home town Montreal…This kid is amazing and so inspiring and so happy that Ellen had him on her show….YOU MAKE US PROUD LUCA AS MONTREALERS AND A CANADIAN!!!!!

  2. bkherbertz says:

    You go Luca, that was an amazing display of dancing. Good luck with everything. So glad you got a honeymoon from Ellen G…..xoxo

  3. Patriot says:

    Not keen on his obvious political bend or people he chooses to associate with, but being a fellow crutch walker, I’m super impressed with him and what he has done with his disability(?). I can only dream of being able to do what he’s able to do. I wish him continued success.

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