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That Detroit Rap: Nametag & Nameless feat. Mahd – Hookless [video]

No hooks, only jabs in “Hookless”, new single by Nametag & Nameless feat. Madh. Nametag comes from a family of Gospel musicians and has since youth worked closely with his cousins Black Milk and Black Bethoven who are Hip Hop icons in the Motor City. He has left his mark on Detroit’s rap culture by laying verses on Slum Village’s Dirty District Vol. 1 and Dirty District Vol. 2 and features with his cousin Black Milk, Guilty Simpson and Miz Corona. He also boasts a few mixtapes of his own.


He partnered with Nameless for obvious reasons we won’t name in this article, but it became clear after working together that their sounds were very compatible.


Originally from Flint, Michigan, Nameless studied the art of sampling, digging through soul vinyls and crafting a soulful sound that captures Detroit’s unique melodic grit, and was put on the map after laying down the instrumental for “Feel It” on Marv Won’s “Wayne Fontes Music” album.


The producer-rapper duo is bringing back the classic Detroit sound that many beat junkies have been craving. Their new LP “For Namesake” wil lbe released on April 16th on Brick Records and features appearances from Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Mahd, Miz Korona and others.



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Tracklisting and credits for Nametag & Nameless’ ‘For Namesake’:


1.) “Indo”

2.) “Hype Break”

3.) “Reaction” f/ Miz Korona  

4.) “How It Get”

5.) “Notchs” f/ Mahd  

6.) “Feelin’ Good + Feelin’ Great 

7.) “Cease & Desist” f/ Jahshua Smith

8.) “Stress Relief”

9.) “Nay Day”

10.) “Oxymoron” f/ Black Milk

11.) “Hookless” f/ Mahd  

12.) “Raw-Dirty-Filth” f/ Guilty Simpson

13.) “Blaow”

14.) “The Teacher” f/ Chell

15.) “Outdo”


***All Tracks Produced By Namesake



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Twitter: @_nameless

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