Entrevista con Lucho Freeze [MC Latino de TNTRAX / Lasalle]

[L]a cultura Hip-Hop de Montréal se ha fortalecido en los últimos años gracias al aporte de comunidades migrantes que han vivido la cultura de su propia manera, compartiendo realidades que antes fueron ignoradas. Dentro de este movimiento, varios artistas de origen latinoamericano han contribuido con un mensaje de consciencia social y un apego a las […]

Real City on The Rise 2 // Saturday Nov. 24th – Mica Lounge

In a small city like Montréal, you end up bumping into the same people over and over again. Specially those who are making moves and laying ground work for solid returns on the long term. That’s kind of how I got in touch with Top Notch Trax and promoter Dozee Heaps, who have been making […]

Clash Of the Titanz – Epic Rap Show (Nov. 17th)

***UPDATE*** Blockmode took the win! Their highly energetic performance had the whole crowd going nuts, with around 300 people at Cabaret Underworld supporting their favorite rap crews. It was a tight decision between them and Ruby & Kizzy, who had a very tight performance in French and English and even brought up some b-boys to […]