Zoom sur La Relève 40e Edition Show

There will be an upcoming show at Club Soda called “Zoom sur La Relève” and it will be the 40th edition of the event, with acts such as J.O. THE CORRUPTED, Audionaute, Paclow, DJ Mohtorious and WarYnc Dance Troupe. Tickets are 15$ pre-sale and online on Club Soda: http://www.clubsoda.ca/fr/spec-zoom_sur_la_releve-421.php   J.O THE CORRUPTED has been also […]

Slang Rap Democracy: Decyphering the Cypher (Nov. 23rd)

Join the cypher as maestro Markings lays down some of the implications of Hip-Hop culture and rap music on activism and real life struggles, with instructor Marc Peters, who teaches FFAR398B at Concordia, the only undergraduate class dedicated to Hip-Hop in a Montréal University. The discussion is going down Friday at 7 PM at the EV […]