J.O. the Corrupted – The Concept [Video]

Many rappers spend years honing their craft but ignore some important aspects of the rap business like video production and getting the word out. That’s why we’ve been getting so much buzz these days from J.O. The Corrupted. He’s one of those rare artists that have a serious professional ethic and work with a strong team […]

Face to Face with J.O. the Corrupted [#MTL0505]

JO the corrupted Elementality interview

When Samir Ayachi hit me up to tell me about the #MTL0505 showcase starring J.O. The Corrupted, I knew I had to do this interview person. J.O. The Corrupted is a dedicated artist with a wide palette of influences that embodies the diversity of our city. His dual identity is part of his music that revolves […]