“Sal Capone” Play Draws Inspiration From Villanueva Tragedy [Interview with playwright Omari Newton]

The Fredy Villanueva police shooting sent a ripple effect across Canada and sparked a deep reflexion on discrimination and abuse of authority towards people of colour. This was five years ago, an there is still  misconceptions and debate surrounding race relations in Canada, a topic many would rather ignore. “How come this is still happening?”, […]

Steeve Supreme – Masked Guru [Video]

Unless it’s in a state of deep meditation, Steeve Supreme is the guru you shouldn’t be sleeping on. Born and raised in the 305 (Miami), the NWO (No Way Out) representative is now active in Montréal. Peep his new visual for “Masked Guru“: More info on Twitter 

Full Course – Real City Repping (Official Video Clip)

You gotta give props to artists who consistently put in work to put their city on the map, while using everything at their disposal to give value to their music. Full Course is an OG in the Montréal rap scene and is known for dropping science with his signature laid-back flow. He brings a breath […]