Street Artist Jay Shells Brings “Rap Quotes” to your Corner

rap quotes

Ever wondered which street corners are mentioned in your favourite rap songs? Ever wished someone would inform you when you’re on the corner where Big L grew up? You’re not the only one. Street artist Jay Shells has been putting up signs all over NYC to let people know who’s rapped about their present location. “Rap Quotes” is […]

Ill Bill – How To Survive The Apocalypse [video] (prod. Psycho Les)

Hard core rap legend Ill Bill releases the video for “How To Survive The Apocalypse”, track produced by Psycho Les from The Beatnuts. As usual, the former Non Phixion member spits some venimous lyrics which make you think about today’s and tomorrow’s world. Beat is mad crazy and matches perfectly with Ill Bill’s style. This […]