Mona – That was you [Video]

“Reality rap” is unfortunately not in style these days. Considered as entertainers and not as teachers, rap performers currently spend much more time bragging about their lifestyle than speaking about the harsh realities of struggling people around the world. Local cat Mona (Moving On to Necessary Accomplishments) is set to change that with his new poignant […]

Shadia Mansour feat. Omar Offendum – لازم نتغير (We Need to Change) [Video]

Arabic rapper shadia mansour

This new fiery political song from Arabic Hip-Hop queen Shadia Mansour featuring Omar Offendum has a loud message on the plight of the Palestinian people. Though I do not understand Arabic, the vivid imagery from the video is loud and clear, and you can feel the persistent tone of urgency in both Shadia’s and Omar’s […]

Journeymen – Pledge of the Respirator EP


Boom baptivists John Wholetrain X Mickey Boston X Melo Malo  are Journeymen, a conscious rap group with roots in Montreal and Queens, NY. They just  released their first EP “The Pledge of the Respirator”, available for free download. These wordsmen use verbology to draw attention to many political issues while staying true to their own […]