Elementality Podcast #10 (English)

On this occasion, Elementality brings to you a show with Montreal rap group Strata-Gems (Budda Child & Keeto), they’ll be releasing their album Forewarned Is Forearmed on November 30th at Cabaret Underworld. Different topics were discussed such as our event Latin Soul Nights Vol. 1, other events in Montreal, aliens visiting Lupe Fiasco during his […]

Elementality Podcast #9 (English)

Elementality is back at it and this time with special guest, Montreal’s MC/Producer Raatid One. On this podcast we chilled with our boy Raatid One and talked about  different topics such as Monsanto, Hip-Hop Museum, gum, and much more. Notice all the beats used in this podcast were produced by our guest (except for our […]

Podcast #8 (English)

In our 8th English podcast we cover a wide variety of topics such as artists who start headphone brands, DMX and 9/11, Griselda Blanco, the cocaine godmother (RIP) and we’ve got some serious Hip-Hop joints for you coming up. If you haven’t done so yet, like our fam page (www.facebook.com/elementality.ca) and bookmark our official web […]

Elementality Podcast #7 (Español)

En nuestra séptima edición en español podrás encontrar buena músical local, internacional y por supuesto, clásicos para no olvidar. Se hablaron de distintos temas, algunos controversiales, otros no tanto, pero sin duda alguna es un programa que no te vas a querer perder. Para que te des una idea, nada más mira la imagen, uno […]

Elementality English Podcast #7

We are back for the 7th time in English, and this time our special guest is bookworm. a local cat (To-Mtl) who raps, produces and does comedy. He also organizes a comedy/hip-hop venue called Ain’t Nothin’ But Punchlines: A Night of Dirty Comedy and Hip Hop. We’ve also got great tracks for you, mainly some […]