“Fork In The Road” Loe Pesci’s 1st video off Expensive Heat Vol. 1

Loe Pesci, one half of OG Hindu Kush and also the most known “bad guy” in the KOTD/Word Up! battle scene, released his music video for “Fork In The Road” off Expensive Heat Vol.1. Loes gets on a personal level while delivering on point lyrical skills and witty punchlines over an Alchemist instrumental. Though he […]

KOTD World Domination 3: Loe Pesci vs. Bender // Expensive Heat Mixtape

loe pesci expensive heat mixtape

Battle rap teammates/actual recording artists Loe Pesci and Bender go at it for 3 rounds in this much-needed title match for World Domination 3, the largest international rap battle event going down in Toronto, where the best of the best from the Philippines to Sweden try to show why their battle scene is relevant. Officially, […]