From Mos Def to Yasiin Bey: An Evolving Artist in an Evolving World

Artists, ever the mercurial types, have a tendency to change their identities like a diva changes wardrobes.The reasons vary from purely marketing a new image to often deeply personal motivations. This could include the growth of their creative process but it could include charting a new path in their spiritual journey; their relation with others, […]

El Seed – Madinati (calligraffiti)

Montréal calligraffiti artist El Seed, known for his murals inspired by Islam and the Arab world, often celebrates Ramadan through artistic feats of great proportions. This year, he left his mark on his home country Tunisia’s rich traditional architecture. In this video, he paints the Jara Mosque in Gabès, the tallest Minaret in Tunisia. It […]