Lil1 & Akshun Man (PXC) – PX Anthem

Park Xtension Connection (PXC) has been putting their hood on the map for a while now. It is impossible to mention Park X rap without talking about Lil1 & Akshum Man, who have been steadily buidling a scene around Parc X. They spit some street knowledge over a gritty piano beat on PX Anthem. They brought […]

Graffiti Mini Doc “Grifters Code 2: What Crisis?” (Athens)

The Grifters have been following graffiti writers in Paris for their first web episode and now just released a second episode in Athens/Thessaloniki, Greece, exploring contrasts, in color and in class. The mini-documentary “What Crisis?” takes you behind the scenes in Athens’ underground train spots. The footage is pretty underground, and the music may not […]