Tacos & Hip Hop : Elementakiza, a Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Special Edition

Elementality has always been a proud supporter of Hip Hop’s four main elements : rap, graffiti, DJin’ and B-boyin’. For our second year anniversary, we humbly suggest another essential ingredient that we believe is just as important: tacos ! Elementality and Prévention CDN-NDG proudly present a unique free outdoor event : Elementakiza, a Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Special […]

MTLUnited – Trilingual Rap Show [July 20th @ Cabaret Underworld]

Montréal’s multicultural rap scene will be gathered under one roof on July 20th at Cabaret Underworld to celebrate linguistic diversity and love for local Hip-Hop. Elementality has always promoted cultural exchanges between different linguistic groups as our city becomes more and more diverse. We got together with label TNTrax and promoter Dozee Heaps to bring you […]

Elementality January Podcast

  Welcome to Elementality’s 2013 January podcast. On this show ,we gathered some hot topics & tracks to release our minds from the cold weather. We’ve got some local Montréal tracks, new releases, classics & some international artists as well. We discussed The Art of Rap [documentality] series on our blog and recent news such […]

Podcast Enero En Español [invitado : Yos-B de Alquimia Verbal]

Nuevo año, nueva edición. Bienvenidos a nuestra edición de podcast en español de Enero donde contamos con la participación de Yos-B (integrante de Alquimia Verbal, Shadow Hunters, Elementality & Del Mondongo). Contamos con bloques musicales de Montreal, temas nuevos, artistas internacionales, temas clásicos y por supuesto, artistas latinos. Del mismo modo varios temas fueron discutidos […]

Talking about heat, it’s fucking cold (Podcast)


No matter how cold it’s getting, this show is pure heat. There’s always heat to talk about and for this podcast, we talked about Halloween, corruption, mafia, among other stuff. The playlist includes classics, international tracks, and some underground that’ll make you bounce your head, get your speakers ready. Don’t forget we’re broadcasting via http://www.streetmusic-radio.com/ […]