Coasting Towards Greatness with Green Hypnotic [Interview]

If there is one individual who we can say is a quintessential representation of our city’s new generation of rap artists, there is no doubt in my mind that Green Hypnotic is that person. Independent, hard working and not afraid to stray off the beaten path, he has created his own brand, focusing on quality […]


It’s no secret – every summer, Montreal becomes a shining beacon of creative energy. There’s a lot of evidence to prove it, like the MURAL festival which turns Boulevard Saint-Laurent, also known as “The Main” into a vibrant outdoor art gallery. Since last year, Elementality has taken part in the festivities by organizing a live show […]

Lee Master C – Get It [Video]

Lee Master C brings a fresh vibe in this new visual for Get It, produced by Alaiz’s Da-P, and which will be featured in his upcoming project M.I.C. Music Awards coming out in June.

Green Hypnotic – Super Ego (prod. Da-P) [Audio]

For Green Hypnotic, it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy. He drives the point home with Super Ego, a song that describes his current state of mind. Without a doubt, the Alaiz representative is hungrier than ever. He recently sat down with Pacesix for a very intimate interview with Pacesix. Production credits go to Da-P.

Green Hypnotic – Motivation/Last Supper [Video]

The Alaiz crew have been serving up huge portions of work lately, and if you haven’t tasted any of the marvelous shit they’ve been cooking you must be sleeping under a rock in Uzbekistan. Member of Coast Records, along with fellow rappers Chibi, C’nee and producer High-Klassified, Prince Green gives us a double-dip of flavor […]