bookworm. – Due Time [Album]

MC and comedian bookworm. from Defective Collective Crew released a solo project called Due Time. It’s an interesting mixture between comedy, boom bap, hardcore, word play, smoking weed, and much more. As he would describe it: “This album is for people into the following: Comedy, Tragedy, Dinosaurs, Nihilism, Lasers, Self exploration (all kinds  ), Word play, Spaceships, […]

Defective Collective Crew Takes on Comic Con Montreal

Since The Last Emperor’s “Secret Wars”, few have done so much to bring rap fans and comic-book geeks together. With the release of their new album and an upcoming performance at Comic Con in September, the Defective Collective Crew are having a great month. In late July, they released their second album “Fool Proof” which features collaborations with Orphan, […]

Defective Collective Crew (bookworm. & Mogli The Foulchild) Video Interview

There is a definitely fine line between rap and comedy. Rappers can also produce laughs in many different ways, whether it’s intentionnal or not. You can find plenty of rap with comedic value on Youtube. There’s also a roster of artists that uses stand up comedy and rap as an outlet to express their views. bookworm. and the […]

Ain’t Nothin’ But Punchlines: A Night Of Dirty Comedy & Hip-Hop #4

Ain’t Nothin’ But Punchlines: A Night Of Dirty Comedy & Hip-Hop #4 – Thursday Oct. 4th On Thursday October 4th, be sure not to miss the 4h edition of “Ain’t Nothin’ But Punchlines: A Night Of Dirty Comedy & Hip-Hop” at Cabaret Underworld. Punchlines is now at its fourth installment and has become a staple […]

Elementality English Podcast #7

We are back for the 7th time in English, and this time our special guest is bookworm. a local cat (To-Mtl) who raps, produces and does comedy. He also organizes a comedy/hip-hop venue called Ain’t Nothin’ But Punchlines: A Night of Dirty Comedy and Hip Hop. We’ve also got great tracks for you, mainly some […]