Tacos & Hip Hop : Elementakiza, a Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Special Edition

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Elementality has always been a proud supporter of Hip Hop’s four main elements : rap, graffiti, DJin’ and B-boyin’. For our second year anniversary, we humbly suggest another essential ingredient that we believe is just as important: tacos !

Elementality and Prévention CDN-NDG proudly present a unique free outdoor event : Elementakiza, a Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Special Edition !

Our inter-disciplinary program brings together some of the best initiatives in Montréal urban youth culture on Saturday September 21st 2013 from noon to 8 PM at NDG Park (corner of Sherbrooke and Girouard). We carefully selected artists who undoubtedly embody our beloved city’s artistic quality and diversity.

Let’s Taco’bout Hip Hop!

This is going to be an amazing multi-sensorial experience for everyone with five main sections: taco BBQ, graffiti, urban dance and music (live shows and DJ sets).

There will be prizes and surprises!

TACO BBQ (12 PM to 7 PM)

Our chef César Arpaiz will be preparing our delicious Mexican Taco BBQ with traditional “al pastor” style pork tacos. Pork bad? No problemo. Our menu includes halal and vegetarian options for everyone. Because we believe your stomach is the key to your happiness.

GRAFFITI (12 PM to 8 PM)

MTL ZOO, Montréal’s wildest group of visual artists, will be holding it down with stencil workshops for kids and a graffiti competition on trucks. A 300$ prize will be given to the artist behind the most impressive visual masterpiece.


  • Poppin’ competition (2 to 3 PM): 1 vs. 1

Judges: Boogie V, DKC Freeze (Flow Rock/Legz) & Express. Grand Prize : 250$ !!!

  • B-Boyin’ / B-Girlin’ Competition (3 to 5 PM):1 vs. 1

Judges : Omegatron (Tactical), DKC Freeze & Octofoot (Red Mask). Grand Prize : 500$ !!!

Hosted by Zig (Flow Rock & Fresh Format)

MUSIC (5 PM to 8 PM)


  • K6A

The raccoons from the K6A collective just released their first critically-acclaimed album in French, “Kosséça” (available here). Though this is the crew’s first official album, its members are at the core of some of Montréal’s most interesting urban arts initiatives, such as Wordup! Battles and the Artbeat instrumental music and “piu piu” community. Some of Québec’s most respected graffiti artists, beatmakers and rappers brandish the K6A flag : Monk.eOstiOneJamaiP-DoxAxeSmilé SmahhKenlo and Sev Dee.

K6A – RxccnRoll

  • Heavy Soundz

Winner of the Syli D’Or 2012 world music award and regular headliner at the JazzFest and Nuits d’Afrique Festival, Heavy Soundz is our city’s most notable Latin Fusion band. With its brass section, Afro-Latin percussions, musicians and rappers on stage, the band keeps the energy going with a warm Latin Urban vibe that is reminiscent of Harlem in the 70s, when Fania Records artists were coining a new genre called Salsa, around the same time Hip Hop was invented. They recently released a remix EP of their classic 2011 breakthrough album “Tumbaparlantes“.

Heavy Soundz – Gozando (live at Belle et Bum):

  • Agua Negra

Visionary producer El Cotola is at the core of two high calibre musical projects: Agua Negra and Obia & Cotola. Agua Negra finds its roots in Latin America’s folk and rebel music, with a refined sound and subversive message. With its 100% Spanish songs that reflect our continent’s history and melancholy, Cotola and Paranoize prove that language barriers are no obstacle to appreciating great music.

Agua Negra (ft. Boogat) – Ya Lo Vi

  • Obia & Cotola

We can thank Obia & Cotola for two classic French rap albums: “Le Théorème” and “Le Procédé”. Wordup! Battles’ undisputed champ, Obia Le Chef is considered as one of the prime lyricists in Québec’s highly competitive rap game. His recent incendiary performance at the Rap Contenders battle league in Paris has made him a force to be reckoned in France. His hunger as an MC and sophisticated intellect make him a perfect addition to Cotola’s complex organic productions. Obia & Cotola elevate rap to a science, but it’s all love.

Obia & Cotola – Pour Le Love

  • Ceas Rock

Ceas Rock is an NDG legend. His Real Life clothing brand and “RUN NDG” hoodies are now a staple of the neighborhood’s street lifestyle. He’s not just a very legit rapper, he’s also a 100% legit businessman, trust me!  He’s widely known for his punchlines, schemes and laid back flows. You can check out his recent material on Bandcamp. His latest single “10.5” was released with Parisian label Fake Music.

Ceas Rock – 10.5

  • Vocal Osmoz 

Community organizer in the Côte-des-Neiges area by day, Vocal Osmoz is also one of Montréal’s French Rap community’s most positive forces. His social engagement is not a secret and his music speaks volumes on social injustice, war and poverty.

Vocal Osmoz – La rue est belle

  • Nobad Sound

For the past few years, Nomadic Massive’s Lou Piensa has been running the Nobad Sound Studio project to help the Côte-Des-Neiges youth express themselves. With soulful producer Dr. Mad, he brought together some of the borough’s most promising talents for “The Fusionists”, which is a noble example of Hip Hop’s positive effects on young Montrealers.

The Fusionists – Smile


  • “Open Mic” hosted by Alquimia Verbal and The Shadow Hunters (7:30 PM to 8 PM)

Everyone is invited to grab the mic and drop an ill freestyle in a rap cypher hosted by the guys who started Elementality: Alquimia Verbal and The Shadow Hunters.

Alquimia Verbal

Conde Artifex / Conquistadores / The Shadow Hunters

And many more…

– DJs –

  • Fatsak
  • Benny Lava
  • Frank Blvd

Hosted by Rodrigo Vergara.

Private After-Party at Sub-V (5666 rue Sherbrooke) with Vincent Pryce x K6A x Full Course. All stock is 40% off ! More info here.

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners, without whom this ambitious event would not have been possible.

Sponsors: Sub-V, LRG, Moog Audio et MTL ZOO

Partners: City of Montréal,the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough, Maison des Jeunes Côte-des-Neiges/Jeunesse 2000,  Centre Communautaire de Loisir de la Côte-des-Neiges, Ghetto Érudit, Head in Hand, Tandem and Éco-Quartier NDG.

Confirm your presence here: https://www.facebook.com/events/482718691826064/


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