Broadcasting on Street-Music Radio (Bogotá)

The whole Elementality fam is proud of joining StreetMusic-Radio, a Colombia-based international Hip-Hop online radio station, as we bring you our podcast weekly in Spanish and English. Our shows in both languages will be transmitted via StreetMusic-Radio’s 24 hour radio station on Sundays starting at 8:00 PM (EST). We had a common video conference with over 15 people in our shared countries, and had very positive exchanges online with their team. We agreed with Rakzo, CEO of Street-Music Radio on many points, specially on the importance of bringing a variety of fresh flavors, while promoting the best there is to offer in underground Hip-Hop from our different countries. We’ll be saucing up their menu with a variety of local, Latin and international Hip-Hop in both English and Spanish while transmitting via their station one hour to two hours per week, switching languages each time. So before you can peep our podcast on the Mixcloud, it will drop exclusively on Street-Music Radio. Tune in tonight at 8 PM for our podcast, or anytime whenever you wanna listen to some quality Hip-Hop from all over the world. —->Listen to our Spanish Podcast on Street-Music Radio!!!

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