“Street Art Bogota” Picture Book by Christopher Burke [Colombia]

Something I find very interesting, is that passion and interest foreign people have for Colombian culture. It’s very rewarding for us Colombians to have people who appreciate and fall in love with our country which has both great and bad realities. I want to share this newly published book (February 1, 2014) by Christopher Burke, a U.S. citizen who has been living in Bogotá for the past 4 years. Street Art Bogotá is 81-page book which will open your eyes to what you can find in the city’s streets. It’s available on Itunes for just 99 cents, now that’s a real bargain. If you like graffiti and seeing streets filled with colorful characters, messages and abstract figures, this book might interest you.

Street Art Bogota

“I have been an observer and photographer of street art in Bogotá since I moved to this city some 4 years ago. The street art in Bogotá may appear suddenly, overnight, or may show up, particularly more recently, in a more planned and sanctioned fashion. No matter how this art gets to our attention, it brings with it an invitation to critical thought delivered fresh daily. For some an irritation, for others a distraction, and for yet more an exuberance, the street art of Bogotá in some ways defines our contemporary city. Here, in Street Art Bogotá, I have put together some of my photographs of the street art that has appeared in Bogotá in these last few years.” Christopher Burke

Here are some images you’ll come across with in the book, courtesy of Christopher Burke.




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