Strata-gems (Budda Child & Keeto) : Forewarned is Forearmed


Montreal Hip-Hop group Strata-Gems, consisting of MC’s Budda Child and Keeto, just dropped their debut EP “Forewarned Is Forearmed”.
They released a couple of music videos off their EP such as “Reminisce/Relevant” ft. Meduza of Nomadic Massive and “Brace Up” ft.Shogun but most recently they released a 2 part music video. These 2 videos “Stumbling Blocks” (Prod by Koma Karma) Pt I and “Donnybrook” (Prod by Skin Deep) Pt II pay homage to the cult classic movie by Takeshi Kitano called “Brother” where Strata-Gems re-enact classic scenes from the movie.

Definitely an entertaining video with some dope lines. Keep on the look out for Strata-Gems!

Stumbling Blocks (Produced by Koma Karma) Pt I (1 of 2)

Donnybrook (Produced by Skin Deep) Pt II (2 of 2)


Strata-gems were special guests on our 10th English Podcast.
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