Snoopzilla & Dam-Funk – 7 Days of Funk [Exclusive Album Streaming]

After almost 20 years of prominence as one of gangsta rap’s biggest icons, Snoop Dogg – now Snoopzilla – comes full circle with a funk album entirely produced by Dam-Funk. The duo called 7 Days of Funk are releasing a self titled album which can be streamed as of today exclusively via Rdio.

This online pre-release also includes bonus track Wings:

Snoop Dogg recently converted to Rastafarianism and released a reggae album which explored his more peaceful side, and Vice filmed a documentary on the reincarnation. Now, the man who calls George Clinton his uncle is returning to his indeniable funky roots.

More and more media companies are working with artists to bring unique experiences to their users. With this visibility, Rdio is making its user friendly online streaming service known to a broader audience of music lovers. They even made a playlist with some of the music that inspired the new album, a great way for people to discover some funk classics.

Take a look at the fresh visuals for Hit the Pavement:

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