Smoke Rings – Snow [Official Video Clip]

Smoke Rings is back from their hiatus and just dropped the video clip for “Snow”, first single of their EP “Pavin’ the way Vol.1”. The group is composed of one MC (.nox) and one producer (HeathCliff Starks), and has a creative approach that encourages chemistry between the two. The rapper/producer duo formed in 2008 is part of Alaiz Crew (Montreal/Laval/Longueuil/S P ∆ C E), which is known for its talented producers that bring soul samples and spacey textures, in a fresh “piu piu” aesthetic.


Music video produced by

Directed by Xavier-Justin Nagy

Direction of Photography: Simon Lamarre-Ledoux (outside and bus) Nicola Tomassini (Studio and Metro) Charles Masse (Inserts)

Editing: Xavier-Justin Nagy

Special FX : Production L’intrigue FX

“Pavin’ the way Vol 1.” is available for free download on Bandcamp. Their next project “Smoke Rings Presents : Heart of the City” will be out this spring:

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