East Meets South : Sha Dra – Be Like Water [Video]

Rap artist from Houston Sha Dra – short for Shaman Dragon – is adding a twist of the Far East in his new track, “Be Like Water”, a nod to the late and great martial artist Bruce Lee. He emphasizes the impact of martial arts in the music video by swinging around nun-chunks in front of an old temple, with split scenes of a ninja practicing a form of fighting called drumkboxing. Being of Taiwanese descent, he raps in both Mandarin and English to give the listener a full punch in the face in an EDM meets Hip Hop style. Check out the video below.


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2 Responses to “East Meets South : Sha Dra – Be Like Water [Video]”
  1. John says:

    yoyo what the fuck is this contrived shite

  2. bukem says:

    that beat is crazy, tight flo

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