Seth Dyer ft. Juvon Taylon – At All [Audio]

Previously known at Epic, Seth Dyer‘s just released a debut single called At All. The song is an honest introspective look into his past and . Sex, weed & alcohol are the natural remedies evoked for any type of pain. The Adam “Average” Feldman production has a lullaby ring to it, which blends majestically with Dyer’s melodic flows.

The Toronto rapper/producer has had a near-death experience in his childhood, due to a dangerous bone disease, so he goes by the “one life to live” mantra and hasn’t been wasting his second chance at life. He’s built himself a team called Epsilon Virginis, which we will probably hear more about in the months to come as they prep the release of his album Actaeon, The Last Treason this fall.

Listen to Seth Dyer’s first single featuring Juvon TaylorAt All :

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