Sept Iles Producer Drops Mixtape With US, UK & Canadian MCs

I’ve been to Sept-Iles only once, and that one time, I witnessed a small outdoor Hip Hop festival near the shores of the St-Lawrence river. That was a few years ago, and I never looked back to ask myself whether the small town had any noticeable hip hop acts. I carried on under the assumption that the town had little to offer musically speaking, until I stumbled upon this new release by local producer Beatahoe, with an impressive guest list, boasting collaborations with Canadian, American & UK artists.

Though his moniker is one of the least tasteful I’ve ever heard, Beatahoe dose not condone the beating of prostitutes. Real talk. However we’re dealing with some of the most grimey instrumentals out there – a territory most Montreal producers have relinquished, favouring softer, more experimental sounds.

Shabaam Sahdeek, Marv Oneil (aka Marvwon), Gore Elohim (formerly known as Goretex from Non Phixion), Born Unique, Red Eye, Venom, Jak Tripper, Strange Flow, Bekay, and many more American emcees have laid verses on this project. There’s also appearances from Montreal heavyweights Scynikal, Cheak13 and Rainmen.

We share this Sewer Musicc knowing it is not for children or the faint hearted. Deal with it.

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