Scynikal Puts The Mic Down

It’s a sad day for Montréal Hip Hop. Scynikal, known as one of the city’s hardest spitters, is retiring from rap. He recently announced his retirement on a Facebook post:


Please note that for all intents and purposes (Besides MurderFace) The self-proclaimed “Montreal Hip-Hop artist” and “Battle Rapper” known as Scynikal a.k.a. Villin Thomas is officially RETIRED. It’s been nice knowing, and/or working with, and/or performing for some of you. I’ll be preforming one last time at the upcoming Black Milk w/ guests in Montreal show and I sincerely wish all of my family, friends, fans, fellow artists, and supporters the best with your endeavors. Peace!
Does this mean he will still be rapping alongside CL, Shelz & Vincent Pryce in their group Murderface? We haven’t got any news back from the Montréal English language rapper known for bodying his adversaries on KOTD.
Let’s hope he we do get to hear more of the blue collar worker with a white collar attitude in the future.
The Heist Theory (2013) is available on Itunes :

Scynikal – F’n Angry

Murderface – Sicc/Vengeance is Mine

Scyn-N-Shelz – Getting Recognition (2011)


Scynikal vs. Real Talk

Scynikal vs. Blaze (2011)


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  1. momo says:

    You should check out Scynikal’s latest tracks from his album The Heist Theory **** YouTube Scynikal and filter the results for videos posted this week (november 3rd 2013) and you’ll find: scynikal write life scynikal blanketz scynikal church basement. Check em.out! Very underrated local MC!!!

  2. momo says:

    If you are having a hard time finding the tracks they are available at:

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