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R.I.P. Ali Chaotik

Ali ChaotikThis past weekend, our city tragically lost one of its finest Hip Hop soldiers – Ali Chaotik. Known for his kind demeanour and for channelling his positive energy through his music, he left no heart untouched. His tragic death had a chilling effect on Montreal’s small Hip Hop community as well as friends and acquaintances. News reports confirmed this was the first homicide to occur in Montreal since the year began.

Ali put the love of the culture above everything else. Most of his music had to do with spiritual enlightenment and making the best out of any situation, and he had recently started up a barber shop/recording studio in Villeray called The Red Chair. He was a frequent performer at the Hiram Key Project and a few other rap showcases, and he was the vocalist chosen for the Maaaaad Beats project.

Ali Chaotik was a kindhearted and talented visionary with a conviction he was put on this world to carry a positive message. You may be gone but the music lives on.

Undeniable EP

Poetically Chaotik

Chaotik front Cover


Lights (remix):

Friends, fans and colleagues used Facebook to express their condolences for the aspiring musician and businessman.






The following biography highlights some milestones in his career and his positive turnaround after getting caught up in the “street life”:ali chaotik


7 Responses to “R.I.P. Ali Chaotik”
  1. Skinny Biggz says:


  2. MrFlipStar says:

    RIP homie. TRUST that your music will live on

  3. amanda says:

    rip ali <3

  4. Jbrizzle says:

    Real reconize real R.I.P homie we miss u…u left 2 soon

  5. sister says:

    This report is very appreciated for our family , my brother is an exceptional spirit to learn about .The knowledge he fed us is but a fraction of what he contained in his mind …. I’m reminded of that as I go through the many forms of literature he has .
    continue his legacy * Seek truth *
    Thank you, God Bless

  6. max says:

    r,i,p, brother see you on the other side inshaAllah

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