Real City on The Rise 2 // Saturday Nov. 24th – Mica Lounge

In a small city like Montréal, you end up bumping into the same people over and over again. Specially those who are making moves and laying ground work for solid returns on the long term. That’s kind of how I got in touch with Top Notch Trax and promoter Dozee Heaps, who have been making a lot of noise from their home base in Lasalle. They are yet to open for big names at larger venues, but for the meanwhile you can enjoy their unique brand of street-conscious English and Spanish rap on stage at the Mica Lounge (1186 Crescent St.) with some other noticeable MTL acts like Taigenz, Ali Chaotik and Scyn-n-Shelz from Murderface. This Saturday they are joined by a pretty solid lineup of underrated local MCs:

Tek Luciano – Scyn-N-Shelz – Doomar Brown – DJ Crook n Da Lineup – Taigenz – Jay DaVille – Ali Chaotik – Chase Dawg – Lucho Freeze – Lou Von


Lucho Freeze is an up and coming Latin MC from TNTrax. He recently released “Una Vida” where he raps in Spanish:

Doomar Brown is known for crunching the numbers and flipping them like a dealer in a Bond flick. He dropped “Numerical Slaughter” this fall:

Chaotik’s mixtape “Poetically Chaotik” can be downloaded on his official site and includes the single Lights (remix):

Download Jay DaVille’s Mixtape “This Is For You”.

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