Piu Piu Beat Tape Vol. 3 [Beats]

A few years after the term was introduced into the collective musical psyche, “piu piu” is still going strong. Though its creators have moved away from soul-hop to create more fragmented, loqued-out textures and integrating trap and juke influences, the genre is still recognizable since it is based on a creative approach rather than a specific aesthetic.

The Piu Piu Beat Tape series is an effort to showcase that talent that is boiling up in our city. Its creator Yung Gayance just released a third instalment of that series, and it features a few relatively new names, like Yerly, Tondal, Dramasuit, Malky & Catboot. There’s also a posse cut with a bunch of rappers associated to the movement, and it’s produced by High Klassified & Da-P, two household names in Montréal EDM/Hip Hop circles.

Though unmastered, and with a bunch of beats from different producers, there is definitely quality and constance throughout the beat tape, which makes it an enjoyable listen.

Piu Piu Beat Tape Volume 3 [Free Download]:

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