P.A.I.D. (Sho Skrilla & War Chi7d) – You Ain’t Shit [Video Clip]

I met Sho Skrilla through a friend of a friend last winter, and I was impressed to meet someone who is all about hard work, constantly moving between Boston and Montreal.

I had the chance to direct his new single with Warchild, a collaboration project called P.A.I.D. (Partners Affiliated In Development). They are part of the larger RBG/Outlawz fam and have been featured on a few mixtapes with bigger names like 50 Cent and Dead Prez. They rep the Red-Black-and-Green pretty seriously as Warchild keeps his face covered with the RBG flag throughout the video.

This is Redgy Films’ second video clip and it is only the beginning.

In 2013, I’ll be working hard with Elementality and independently, on music videos and short film projects. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more updates.

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