New Video For Cee’s “BrewHeads” Craft Beer Anthem

We’ve been a little late on our posting game, but we couldn’t miss out on Cee’s new video dedicated to the craft beer movement. So, while usually “get drunk” tracks feature heavy trap basslines or a Pitbull verse, the Aussie rapper shows us how to be “educated drunks”, which is far more comforting.

In a recent interview with Elementality, Cee said that BrewHeads was “an opportunity to showcase my passion for craft beer.”

BrewHeads celebrates the knowledge behind drinking a great beer with subtleties in its taste and composition. This passion brought Cee in contact with Phil Hinson from BrewHeads, a Phoenix based merchandising company that specializes in craft beers.

This video was shot in several locations, mainly Montréal-based breweries: Benelux, Broue Pub Brouhaha, Vices Et Versa, Dépanneur Peluso, Dieu du Ciel, Choppe à Barrock et the St. Ambroise terrasse.

Richard Bastarache and Shane Russell filmed and edited the video clip for 9Block Productions. Enjoy it with a nice cool pint of your favorite craft beer.

The video was launched at Terrasse Saint-Ambroise on August 22nd and according to different sources, it was a blast.

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