Swollen Members “Almost Famous” [video]

New video by Swollen Members “Almost Famous” from their upcoming album Beautiful Death Machine. The dates for the Canadian tour are already available on their website. It’s safe to say that Swollen Members are making a strong comeback with their new album (out on Monday March 19) that can be pre-ordered on Battle Axe Warriors. This video was directed by Big Shot Music Inc., David MacDonald and John Thomas and the beat was made by Rob The Viking.

“Beautiful Death Machine” track list:

1. Inception
2. Death to You (Feat. Ill Bill, Slaine, and Vinnie Paz)
4. King of Diamonds
5. Juggernaut
6. The Difference
7. River Monster
8. Mercenary
9. Colossal Beasts (Feat. Esoteric, Celph Titled, and Apathy)
10. Almost Famous
11. Death Warrant
12. Fear (Feat. Snak the Ripper)

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