NDG Residents Restore Burned Piano

Montrealers and NDG residents were saddened to hear that a public piano in Girouard Park was partially burnt and vandalized, one week before its inauguration. The unfortunate incident attracted some media attention, and some citizens got together to fix the piano up:

That’s the NDG spirit ! Just taking what’s broken and embellishing it, making it a attractive and useful for local musicians and people who can’t afford to get a piano at home.

Built in 1904, the piano was taken out of a storage space in NDG’s Maison de la Culture and painted by local artist Julian Cargnello. Local piano tuner Richard Leblond, who also gives free piano lessons to local residents, told the CBC: “The Piano will see another day”.

The piano will be inaugurated on Saturday September 21st, which means locals can also enjoy our free event “Elementakiza, a Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Special Edition“.

We’re happy to see this positive news and have many reasons to celebrate. We invite local residents to come enjoy some great music, eat delicious authentic tacos, paint a truck, drop a quick freestyle or start a cypher around the piano.

Take a look at the detailed program here: http://elementality.ca/tacos-hip-hop-elementakiza-hip-hop-dont-stop-special-edition/

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