Narcicyst – We Are The Medium EP

Communications specialists (which at this point includes everyone with a Twitter account) will revel in this new Narcy EP that references Marshall McLuhan’s most famous quote: “The message is the medium”.

Known for multitasking between rap, academia, activism and journalism, The Narcicyst knows a thing or two about becoming the media. Since moving to Dubai, he’s become one of the Middle East’s loudest dissenting voices. As we move from the post-911 mess into an equally preoccupying global context where poverty and inequality are preoccupying to say the least, Narcy is also changing with the times. He acknowledges his pursuit of making albums as a “First World Problem”, which is one of the most honest things I’ve heard in rap this year. As he becomes more familiar with the Twittersphere and the tools of the 2.0 revolution, the dangers are ever yet increasing for an artist like the Narcicyst to show strong personal media bias. Luckily, he keeps himself in check with reality, making this effort “fair and balanced”.


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