Music Talk: New Formo Sir EP (Taiwan/Montreal Production)

What does an artist from Los Angeles/Taiwan, a beatmaker from Montreal and a producer/independent label owner from Australia have in common? Nothing, except for soul influences and now a new international EP.

Formo Sir released his debut album Music Talk which has five songs, beats produced by local MC/beatmaker Raatid One, also author of this post. A mixture of Hip Hop and R&B, it is one joint that will please fans of both styles of music. Joined up on the collaboration with the 49ers, a group which has toured to Japan and parts of the United States and J. Sheon, a well known R&B singer from Taiwan, Formo Sir puts out his voice into a world of many.

Check out and download (name your price) the EP on Bandcamp:


Formo Sir just released a video for the second track off the EP, “愛走味” featuring J. Sheon.



One of the videos for the track off the EP entitled Sunny Vibes:

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