Music Submission Guidelines

Every week, we receive a lot of new music and some of it makes it on the blog, some of it doesn’t. We tend to be more selective in terms of what we want to share with our network of music enthusiasts. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure your music is mixed and mastered and your video is professionally filmed or edited. We are after quality in every sense of the word. If you’ve got news for us, please send a press release, we promise we’ll read it.
  • Hire a graphic designer for your album cover. And remember, a pile of cash next to a big booty is not really a visual concept.
  • Have some hi-resolution, professional pictures that convey your branding.
  • Send out a music submission to our email [info at elementality dot ca] with the title : “Music submission – (Artist) – (Mixtape/Album/Song/Video Name)” or something along those lines, with everything we need in the email body (links + pics + press release or press kit).
  • We don’t guarantee we’ll share it. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s wack, sometimes we don’t have time, sometimes we’re just too busy. If we like it though, at some point we’ll share your stuff. Just keep on sending us your stuff and if we feel like it’s worth our public’s time, we’ll help you push it.
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