MTL ZOO Countdown: Mathieu Connery

Once again on Elementality, we’re counting down the days to the 1-year anniversary show by Montreal’s wildest group of artists MTL ZOO!

Over 40 artists from disciplines as varied as graffiti, installation, painting, and illustration take over the Agora gallery at the Cégep du Vieux Montreal this October 1st.

Today’s featured artist is Mathieu Connery!

CONCORDIAWhether they’re hanging in a gallery or gracing the Montreal’s alleyways, sidewalks, or metro stations, Mathieu Connery’s geometric paintings invite exploration of their detail and deceptive simplicity. He also cites circus, carnival, and tribal culture as his main inspirational themes.

Mathieu Connery treated visitors to this year’s inaugural edition of the MURAL public art festival to live sidewalk painting sessions. Here are some images of his street and gallery art to whet your appetite for this October’s show!

To learn more about Mathieu, check out his webpage. And to keep up to date with MTL ZOO, you can check out their Facebook and follow the countdown here on Elementality!




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