MTL ZOO 1-Year Countdown: Meet Earth Crusher!

Montreal’s wildest group of artists MTL ZOO is back with a mega-expo to celebrate their 1-year anniversary!

Over 40 artists from disciplines as varied as graffiti, installation, painting, and illustration take over the Agora gallery at the Cégep du Vieux Montreal this October 1st.

We’ll be counting down with a daily featured artist from the lineup.

Without further ado: Montreal, meet Earth Crusher!


Earth Crusher is out to “control and dominate all life on the planet”, and that means you!

Whether his control extends to a mural, a video, or to the cigarettes in your pocket, Earth Crusher puts Big Brother to shame. The best part? He does it all in style thanks to his slick corporate headgear.

Featured works include “An Afternoon With Earth Crusher,” a video recently produced with MTL Blog, and Earth Crusher’s mural from Under Pressure 2013.

To learn more about how you can submit yourself to Earth Crusher’s will, check out his webpage. And to keep up to date with MTL ZOO, you can check out their Facebook and blindly follow the countdown here on Elementality!




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