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Montréal Popper Greenteck wins Juste Debout Competition (Bercy/France)

This past Sunday, Montréal Popper Greenteck (aka Maxim Green) caught the eye of the global Hip-Hop dance community gathered at Juste Debout 2013, by winning the Popping tournament alongside his partner-in-crime Ness (LA). Juste Debout is an important event in the Urban Dance world and gathers over 3000 dancers and over 15 000 spectators in Bercy, France. Dancers from 15 countries went toe-to-toe for the championship in six disciplines: Locking, Popping, Hip Hop New Style, House, Experimental and Top Rock.


Here’s a glimpse at the popping segment. There is also a full feature for the whole competition and separate videos for each final:

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