Monk.E Drops Destin et Beyond Album + Features on 3Cliks Web Series

There is a lot to say about Monk.e, but to sum things up he is a praised graphic artist and emcee from the local Montreal Hip Hop scene. He’s been busy the whole summer, we’ve seen him working on murals, freestyling at the End of the Weak competition, and winning it, doing cameo appearances and dropping verses at Francofolies with Alaclair Ensemble/K6A and at the Jazz Fest with Heavy Soundz. Somehow he was able to squeeze in some time to write a full album and release breathtaking videos for “Voir Ton Soul” and “Beyond” (directed by Yos-B and presented by Elementality) with partner in crime Kenlo.

Working with experimental beatmaker KenLo, he put out and album entitled D3stin 3t Beyond which contains positive lyricism and technicality in delivery and manages to capture the artistic and spiritual struggles an emcee would face in Montreal. On his new album, he raps in French only, but collaborates with English artists such as Ceas Rock, UrbN Logix, Markings, and OneNes all from Montreal. His release party took place last Thursday at Les Bobards on St. Laurent, which was off the hook, and the album has been released online for purchase in case you missed it.

He was also recently featured on the Montreal web series 3Cliks produced by Lounge Urbain, which gives a voice to artists from the local Urban scene, and is divided in three segments every month entitled “Clik Chilling” (interview), “Clik Unplugged” (live performance) and “Clik Carte-Blanche” (any topic). In Carte Blanche, it shows him doing his work while his own music plays in the background, and in Chilling, it is him being interviewed by Lady Special K about subjects such as his artwork, his music and everyday things which speak to him.

Here is a little taste of the web series:



Carte Blanche:

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