Tunnels EP mogli da foulchild

Mogli Da Foulchild x Chief BOB – Tunnels EP

Mogli Da Foulchild is one of Toronto’s more proactive and hungry emcees. While usually producers can release a few projects with different rappers in a short span of time, this unstoppable lyricist from the Defective Collective is juggling producers, one a month to be exact. His EP a month saga brought forth some real dope collaborations with Fredy Ink, Comcap and Mr. Debauch. Just like the previous releases, the Tunnels EP, entirely produced by Chief BOB is mostly socio-political discourse fitted into 90s inspired rhyme schemes. The beats have a lot of thump and carry lots of intertwined samples. The finished product is full of defiant attitude – something rare in the current rap ecosystem.

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