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Maxime Robin – Productivity Beattape Volume I&J [Beats]

Truly ahead of his time, Maxime Robin handed me a tape a few days before the official digital release of his new instrumental project Productivity Beattape Volume I&J. Unfortunately, I have nowhere to play cassettes except for my dad’s basement, so the cassette lay there unheard for a few days. Though my hard drive is filled with instrumental compilations, this truly is my only beat tape. After a few listens via Bandcamp, now I wish I had heard the analog version first. The ambient lo-fi sounds and electronic synths sound like the cassette is the appropriate format for them. Taken from vinyls that come a dime a dozen, the samples reflect his large span of musical influences, and his affinity for weird analog sounds mixed with laid back jazziness. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find the previous instalments of this two-letter alphabetical series.

Via Beat Tape Co-Op

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