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Lupe Fiasco Kicked off Stage at Obama Inauguration Event

Organizers for the celebrations around President Obama’s second-term inauguration were not too pleased to see headliner Lupe Fiasco go on a long Anti-Obama tirade at a private event at the Hamilton Live in Washington D.C. Security escorted him off the stage and interrupted his extended 30-minute performance of “The Words I Never Said”, a song that criticizes Obama’s foreign policy:

Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist
Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn’t say shit
That’s why I ain’t vote for him, next one either

Lupe Fiasco After His Controvertial Performance

After tweeting that they were “disappointed that an artist took opportunity to use an event celebrating innovation/startups to make a political statement”, event organizers Hypervocal released a statement giving the embarrassing incident a different spin:


“But Lupe Fiasco was not “kicked off stage” for an “anti-Obama rant.” We are staunch supporters of free speech, and free political speech. This was not about his opinions. Instead, after a bizarrely repetitive, jarring performance that left the crowd vocally dissatisfied, organizers decided to move on to the next act.”


While this statement and some media report that he was “booed off stage”, the video of the incident clearly shows he was cheered by some of the crowd before being escorted by security.


It is not the first time the Chicago rapper criticizes the current U.S. President for his policies:
“On one hand, you have someone who is a great speaker, but kills little children – our President…ordering drone attacks that go and kill mothers, innocent bystanders, children”, he noted on Philadelphia radio last year. “Militants too, but the collateral damage. You’re responsible for that, too.”
This incident happened just a couple of days after Lupe Fiasco announced that he is cancelling plans to release his second installment to “Food and Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album” and shut down his Twitter account (again). He has made it clear through interviews that once his contractual obligation with his label is finished, he will most probably leave the rap game and pursue other non-commercial projects like his punk band Japanese Cartoon and his DJ duo project SNDCLSH.
Is this retirement final, or just the setting stage for a comeback? Lu’s fans are starting to get used to his sometimes “extreme” actions against the political system and the music industry. It may seem shocking to see an artist actually stand by his word and make moves in his career that reflect the message in his music. Abrupt for some, but for someone who’s last name is “Fiasco” it is to be expected. Lupe’s stand against Obama is one among many views on the President.
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