Long Story Short, Elementality.

We were a crew of Latinos gathered in Girouard Park, in NDG, on a typical Montréal summer afternoon, talking about the the new emerging Latin Hip-Hop scene; Alquimia Verbal, Shadow Hunters, Boogat, Heavy Soundz, MRK Markito, Metazon, Sata Brown, Duendy, Niño Malo, and a myriad of representatives promoting the culture in the Spanish language. They had some exposure among local blogs and some mainstream media, but there was no Spanish outlet dedicated to underground hip-hop from an immigrant perspective. DaniDan, Jazor, Conde, Yos-B & Grifos from Alquimia Verbal, and Gabacho, the writer of this post, came up with the concept of Elementality, a Montréal Latin Hip-Hop Blog and media outlet. I was proud to have come up with the portmanteau, “element-mentality”, while integrating the letters M-T-L, though it was originally intended to be a joke (tru-story). Later on, Paranoize and Brown Bonez from the Shadow Hunters Family gave us some good input for the project and have supported us since day one.

We all have links to our native countries, and we share a strong attachment to underground hip-hop, without any discrimination of age or origin. We show love to anyone with a story to tell and skillful execution.

Since that first meeting, we’ve included English-speaking members, Juke da Gook aka Booda, Samir Matt P and RayDay (Redgy Films), and expanded our mandate. Jared, Emilio and Cesar joined our team and Diana joined the Spanish podcast later in 2012. Now our objective is to promote Montréal artists to anglophone and Spanish-speaking Hip-Hop heads on the Internet, and our favourite international artists to our local Montréal audience. We also organize events where we try to bring a distinct experience to the people, Like our 1st year anniversary Elementakiza. The whole point is to encourage people to discover other cultures and appreciate Hip-Hop’s universal nature.

Our chilling lifestyle gives us exclusive access to extremely dope freestyles, past and future Hip-Hop classics, and entertaining life situations worth sharing with our friends all over the world. With this blog, our radio programs and video channel, we intend to cover hip-hop culture and other relevant issues with a unique perspective. Hands-on coverage, with a street philosophy, that’s Elementality.

We conclude this introduction post with a track that summarizes our new presence online, a collaboration between three of our members, Grifos and Yos-B (Alquimia Verbal) featuring Paranoize – No Nos Conocen:

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