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KOTD World Domination 3: Loe Pesci vs. Bender // Expensive Heat Mixtape

Battle rap teammates/actual recording artists Loe Pesci and Bender go at it for 3 rounds in this much-needed title match for World Domination 3, the largest international rap battle event going down in Toronto, where the best of the best from the Philippines to Sweden try to show why their battle scene is relevant. Officially, this is a title match between a former champ and a veteran who hasn’t touched the chain yet. Montréal legend Loe Pesci, known as a vet in the KOTD-Grindtime circuit since 2008, notorious for his (scripted) chokes and unjustified meanness, and Bender, Ottawa heavyweight who took the KOTD chain from Arcane last year known for his impressive multi combos, are close associates in King Of The Dot.

In reality it is a contest between the two Canadian rappers who have the most respect within the league, though the chain has been recently held by mid-tier battlers such as Arcane, Sketch Menace and Porich. It has since then find a rightful owner, Dizaster, who is yet to be challenged.

The same day the battle was released, Loes, who is one half of Hindu Kush with Osa, came out with his latest mixtape, Expensive Heat (free download). It features verses from Borden, CeasRock, Lary Kidd, A-Justice (beats), Billz, Ca$htro Crosby, Generale Q, Justice McFly and Osa.

The first single off the mixtape, “Space Jam Monsters” features CeasRock and Borden:

Pesci runs Step Your Life Game Up, a blog that covers mostly battle rap and AGL Is A Good Look, a clothing brand/online store.

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