Le Centipède Vol. 2 // B-Boy Madness! [Sat. Nov. 10]

One of the things I enjoy the most is seeing B-boys & B-girls doing their thing. As you may know, Montreal B-boying scene has so much to offer.

With that in mind, you should seriously mark your calendars with a big fat red marker for Le Centipède Vol. 2 this Saturday. The entry is cheap for a b-boy event ($5) – having the chance to see these amazing dancers and athletes pull out the moves is totally worth it. The event is going down Saturday November 10, starting at 6 :00 PM at Urban Element (910 Jean-Talon E) and will be hosted by Montreal’s own Vicious from Sweet Technique (crew) accompanied by DJ Benny Lava and Special guests  The Liquorstore (live band). There will be some time for those who want to participate in the battle (2 vs 2), top 8 will be going against the event’s great 8. Winner couple will be leaving the night with $600.


Great 8 :
1. Tactical Crew
2. Cypher Sons
3. Area 51
4. Ill Abilities
5. Foreign Mind
6. 701 Squad
7. Red Mask
8. Amnesia

Pass by and see the pros do what they do best. Check the event on Facebook and this video below for a summary of Volume 1:

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